Our Paris-based team is developing technology to turn plants into metals.

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Dr. Dali Rashid
Co-Founder & CTO

Went to plant domain because she cannot stand animal experiments/suffering.

Fabien Koutchekian
Co-Founder & CEO

Wrote a book.

Jerome Schmitt
Senior Advisor

Ghislain Lescuyer
Senior Advisor

Nicolas Douay

Dr. Michel Bonnemaison
Lead geologist

A world class expert when it comes to geology, praised by all the industry.

Dr. Clément Pichot
Right Arm to the CTO

Dr. Fatima Sherry
Research Engineer

Would love to have an elephant as a pet.

Dr. Naeif Matar
Research Engineer

Dr. Hasan Kolkas
Research Engineer

Dr. Boney Kuriakose
Senior Research Engineer

Dr. Naeimeh Sousaraei
Research Engineer

Abhay Singh
Research Engineer

Sylvain Roulain
Head of Agriculture

Muhsin Parson
Research Engineer

Raphaëlle Pujolle
Executive Assistant

After all of this, you may want to join us.

It will be a real pleasure to have you in our team!